Cowork4YOUTH: The final event!

Cowork4YOUTH: The final event!

October 2021, the launch of the Cowork4YOUTH project. December 2021, the kick-off, in Athens, Greece. And now, two years later, the final event. Again in Athens, Greece. The circle is about to close.

The agenda was filled with 3 days worth of presentations; discussions with stakeholders, academics, and policy makers; workshops of different kinds; and a study visit! The Final Event was made up of two major parts: the two-day Cowork4YOUTH workshop organised by ELARD, titled “Cowork4YOUTH: What are the good practices?”, and the CoworkYOUTH Conference, organised by the Rhodes Project, with the title “Youth Employment in Transition: Regional perspectives within successive crises”. 

The Cowork4YOUTH Workshop, held at the Romantso venue in the historic centre of Athens, brought together researchers from the project and practitioners in coworking spaces and similar alternative institutions working with young people. There were 47 participants in total and 23 organizations representing 7 countries.

The first part of the workshop comprised the presentation of each organization’s operations and best practices. This provided a broad snapshot of the varied ideas and methods put into practice across Europe to combat youth unemployment. This exchange of best practices was then complemented by the presentation of Cowork4YOUTH researchers of their findings, providing a great mix and comparison of academic and practical points of view. 

A similar approach was followed on the second day, only this time the order was reversed: the day began with presentations by Cowork4YOUTH researchers. In the afternoon, the workshop participants went on an informative visit to the POP-Machina Pireaus makerspace. Continuing the exchange of best practices in this new space in Pireaus, provided a great opportunity for discussion, reflection, networking and inspiration.  

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Moments from the event

Workshop December 5 & 6

Conference December 7