Baseline & Pilot Studies

Baseline Study

This output will collect and present relevant descriptive evidence concerning the impact of youth employment policies across EEA regions, including less-developed peripheral regions.

Cross-country data will be used to develop a framework for understanding the incidence/ composition of NEETs, in the context of recent policy developments. In addition to the cross-country dimension, it will also provide statistical evidence of the development of NEET rates and youth employment over time, across regions, alongside the evolution of relevant policies in this area.

The output’s purpose is to provide a solid basis upon which the monitoring of the actual policy impact indicators can be built. It will be publicly available through the Observatory.

Estimated delivery date: May 2022

Pilot study on impact of youth employment policies

This output will support the Research Network in defining the indexes/ data collected and analysed by the Observatory. It will provide a more complex perspective, in addition to already published data, on the impact of collaborative practices, RnD, training and youth employment policies for NEETs. This will take place through qualitative research approaches, such as non-participant observation, focus groups or interviews with policy practitioners, employers and beneficiaries in order to understand the real impact of existing policies. It will also focus on existing co-working spaces that include persons of mixed experiences, ages, abilities and backgrounds combined with creative approaches to assist education and mentorship of NEETs.

Estimated delivery: tba

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