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Transnational report on NEETs, skills gap and employment policies in target regions

This output will assess the relevant employment policies (e.g., active labour market policies) of less developed peripheral EEA areas (e.g., insular or regions in industrial decline) affecting NEETs. Moreover, using the brand-new ESCO database that connects occupation types with skills created by the EU Commission in 2019-2020, we plan to identify the mismatches between young NEETs’ skills with respect to new emerging jobs of these local economies. This information is essential to design new employment and re-/ up-skilling policies. It will also provide an in-depth exploration of the employment initiatives for NEETs and conclude with primary recommendations to tackle the different problems identified.

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Transnational Report on employment potential for NEETs through alternative sectors published

This output will use cross-country labour force survey data to develop a unique panel dataset, capturing important labour market statistics across EEA countries. Using econometric techniques, it will examine the drivers of youth employment and incidence of NEET status across countries and regions, including less-developed peripheral regions. In doing so, it will develop an understanding of the employment potential for NEETS. Using data gathered from earlier outputs, specific attention will be paid to sectors with potential for alternative policies such as those that usually are found in coworking spaces (creative industries, IT etc). It will also examine the implications for youth employment resulting from monoculture and decarbonisation.

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