UEHR – Institute of Urban Environment and Human Resources – Panteion University (GR)

Lead Partner

The Institute of Urban Environment and Human Resources (UEHR) was founded in 1995 under the Department of Economic and Regional Development of Panteion University. UEHR has developed over the last decade collaborations and know-how exchanges with accredited National Research institutes and Universities, as well as major EU and International Academic Institutions.

UEHR has developed over the last decade collaborations and know-how exchanges with accredited National Research institutes and Universities, as well as major EU and International Academic Institutions.

UEHR has an uninterrupted scientific presence, with publications in reputable international scientific journals, and announcements at important international scientific conferences. At the same time, there is an ongoing publication activity of books intended for university teaching in more than 16 departments of Greek universities.

NTUA – National and Technical University of Athens (GR)

Beneficiary Partner

The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) was founded in 1837, and has been at the forefront of academic education and research in Greece and abroad since then. Throughout its long history, NTUA has acquired international recognition for the excellency of its educational work and the quality of its scientific and technological research. According to recent QS World Universities Rankings and other relevant rankings, NTUA is one of the top-three leading academic institutions in Greece and among the top 400 institutions worldwide.

The university consists of nine schools has more than 510 faculty members, and runs 140 certified laboratories. In addition, faculty members affiliated with NTUA are either leading or participating in hundreds of European and international projects. Due to that intensive research activity, NTUA researchers publish more than 3000 papers in peer-reviewed journals annually, attracting more than 20000 citations yearly.

Rhodes Project – Rhodes Centre for Historical and Social Research SCE (GR)

Beneficiary Partner

Established in 2013, the Rhodes Project SCE is engaged in conducting and promoting research that focuses on society, policies, and history.

The organization has assembled a team of twelve highly specialized members in the fields of social and political science, history, international relations, law, communication, computer science and economics.

RP and its members have participated in several social sciences-oriented research programmes, ranging from historical research on refugee integration, to youth unemployment, as well as programmes for the development of technological tools that facilitate and promote the fields of social sciences.

ISEAK – Foundation-Initiative for socio-economic analysis and knowledge (ES)

Beneficiary Partner

ISEAK is engaged in analysis and recommendation in social and economic decision-making at both the public and private levels.

Its main areas of focus comprise Employment and Unemployment; Gender Equality; Poverty and Inclusion; Digitalization and Human Capital.

During the past years the foundation has produced a significant amount of high-quality research concerning the Spain’s national or regional labour markets, mainly through data analysis and impact evaluation. Based on its high-quality work, ISEAK has built an extended network of partners in Spain and other European countries.

ESRI – Economic and Social Research Institute (IE)

Beneficiary Partner

ESRI is a research organization with the objective of informing policies that support a healthy economy and promote social progress.

The Institute was founded in 1960 by a group of senior civil servants. Since then, the Institute has remained committed to in-depth, independent research to support the policymaking process. Its current Research Strategy sets out three goals: research excellence and relevance, effective communications, and policy impact.

ESRI’s work is classified in certain research areas, which -among other- include Labour Market and Skills; Macroeconomics; Social Inclusion and Equality. The produced research and analysis have a significant impact in policy-making and public debates.

EXEO LAB – Exeo Lab SRL (IT)

Beneficiary Partner

Exeo Lab is a Business Consulting active in the fields of consultancy to public administrations and SMEs and in the field of international cooperation. In this framework, the organization supports public administrations in planning, implementation, and management of either short or long-term projects. 

Core competencies and fields of expertise include market analysis, data analysis, and decision-making.   

Besides its core business, EXEO LAB has participated in regional, national, and transnational research projects with companies, universities, institutions, schools, and NGOs aiming at designing and testing innovative tools and methodologies for the sustainable development of territories in the fields of: employment and social inclusion, entrepreneurship, environment and sustainability, tourism and culture, migrants.

ETOUR at MIUN – Mid Sweden University (SE)

Expertise Partner

Mid Sweden University was established in 1993 and comprises two Faculties: Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Science, Technology and Media.

MIUN is involved in the Cowork4YOUTH project through the European Tourism Research Institute (ETOUR).

ETOUR at Mid Sweden University develops and communicates scientific knowledge about the tourism and travel sector as well as destination development. ETOUR works closely with entrepreneurs and the industry, NGOs, and governmental entities. It is Sweden’s leading tourism research institute.

ETOUR has extensive experience in tourism related research, on themes such as Economic geography; Sustainable development; Labour (im)mobility; and Precariousness.

ELARD – European Leader Association for Rural Development (BE)   

Expertise Partner

ELARD is an international non-profit association set up to improve the quality of life in rural
areas and to maintain their population through sustainable, integrated local development.

Currently its network includes more than 2,200 Local Action Groups from 26 European countries

ELARD is a member of the European Countryside Movement and the European Rural Parliament within the framework of which it co-coordinates the bi-annual European Youth Parliament event. It has vast experience in policy design, working closely with the European Parliament, European Commission, European Committee of Regions and other European institutions, as well as various working groups.

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